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    ...ier B, (3) the product is assembled on the shop floor of the Manufacturing Company's own plant, and (4) the finished product is verified according to quality

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    • [Article] Y. Lu et al., "Development of a Hybrid Manufacturing Cloud," ''Jo...
      ...have different cloud requirements in different business situations; even a company at different business stages may need different cloud modes. Nevertheless,
    • [Article] T. Rahmani et al., "Ontology-based integration of heterogenoeus m...
      ...aterial information are split or hidden in many different sources inside a company within various departments and also outside, e.g. involving information fro
    • [Article] N. Liu, and X. Li, "A Resource Virtualization Mechanism for Cloud...
      ...e proposed method is applied to the virtualization process of an aerospace company. Effectiveness and efficiency are illustrated for the manufacturing cloud s
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    • [Project] Aero Glass Project (2015-2018): Augmented reality aerial naavigat...
      EU Edge, a cutting edge software developer company has developed the concept combining its deep knowledge in augmented reality
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    ...uld like to exchange different types of information ranging from orders to company returns as easily as possible. Today, the greatest barrier to this wis

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