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    • [Article] P. Fraga Lamas, "Enabling technologies and cyber-physical systems...
      ...yed in civil scenarios are examined. Furthermore, this thesis analyzes the great potential for applying IoT technologies to revolutionize modern warfare and
    • [Article] E.A. Lee, "Cyber physical systems: Design challenges", Proc. 11th...
      ...vice versa. The economic and societal potential of such systems is vastly greater than what has been realized, and major investments are being made worldwide
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    ...icient use of Big Data and understanding data as an economic asset carries great potential for the economy and society. The setup of Big Data Value ecosyste

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    • [Project] BYTE Project (2014-2017): The Big data roadmap and cross-discipli... the negative externalities associated with big data in order to gain a greater share of the big data market by 2020.
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    • [Article] P. Hoenisch et al., "Optimization of Complex Elastic Processes," ...
      Business Process Management is a matter of great importance in different industries and application areas. In many cases, it
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    • [Project] SIMPLICITY Project (2011-2014) Service and App Marketplaces, FP7 ...
      ...ware-driven “product” mobility. SIMPLI-CITY will take advantage of the great success
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    ...ging from orders to company returns as easily as possible. Today, the greatest barrier to this wish is not the cost of hardware, software or communication

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