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    • [Article] S. Schulte et al., "Elastic Business Process Management: State of...
      ...lization of so-called elastic processes, i.e., processes which are carried out using elastic cloud resources. Despite the manifold benefits of elastic pro
    • [Article] P. Hoenisch et al., "Workflow Scheduling and Resource Allocation ...
      ...tensive applications or a large number of applications needs to be carried out concurrently, process owners may have to allocate extensive computational r
    • [Article] S. Schulte et al., "Realizing Elastic Processes with ViePEP," ''S...
      ...cution, reason about how to utilize resources in an optimal way, and carry out the necessary actions (e.g., start/stop servers, move services).
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    • [Article] R. Barazzutti et al., "Elastic Scaling of a High-Throughput Conte...
      ...ributions of this paper include: (1) a mechanism for dynamic scaling, both out and in, of stateful and stateless pub/sub operators, (2) a local and global
    • [Article] A. Jain et al., "Adaptive Stream Resource Management Using Kalman... fundamentally a filtering problem, in which the objective is to filter out as much data as possible to conserve resources, provided that the precision
    • [Project] NewsReader (2013–2015): Building structured event indexes of la...
      ...s risk to be held liable for decisions based on incomplete, inaccurate and out-of-date information.<br/>NewsReader will process news in 4 different langua
  3. Match in topic text: from distributed locations as if the complete manufacturing was carried out on the same shop floor (see Fig. 1). To achieve this, manufacturers ne

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    • [Article] X. Wen and X. Zhou, "Servitization of manufacturing industries ba... technology aspects included for the government and enterprises to carry out SMI based on CMBM; and (4) offers a case study related to successful SMI ba
    • [Article] Y. Lu et al., "Development of a Hybrid Manufacturing Cloud," ''Jo...
      ...ccess requirements for their resources. In addition, a use case is carried out between customers and service providers. This way, optimal service is deliv
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    ...there are also availability challenges, e.g., when a storage provider goes out of business on short notice or suffers from a power outage. To mitigat

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    • [Article] K. Abu-Libdeh et al., "RACS: a case for cloud storage diversity,"...
      ...pularity of cloud storage is leading organizations to consider moving data out of their own data centers and into the cloud. However, success for cloud st
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    ...ols and equipment across the facility, eliminating manual check-in & check-out processes and production delays due to lost equipment
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    ...inspection and diagnosis to assure reliable results. For example, the worn out condition of a roller bearing can be detected based on its abnormal vibrati

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