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    • [Article] P. Hoenisch et al., "Self-Adaptive Resource Allocation for Elasti...
      Especially in large companies, business process landscapes may be made up from thousands of different process definitions and instances. As a result,
    • [Project] ASAP (2014–2017): A Scalable Analytics Platform. FP7
      ...emand, utility-like fashion, rapid elasticity through scaling these assets up and down if necessary, and pay-per-use through metered service. To realize
    • [Project] CloudFlow (2013–2016): Cloud Computing for Engineering Workflow...
      ...ce global competitiveness. The motivating idea behind CloudFlow is to open up the power of Cloud Computing for engineering WorkFlows (CloudFlow). The aim
    • [Project] SAIL (2010–2013): Scalable and Adaptive Internet Solutions. FP7
      ...te utility for a set of concrete use-cases. SAIL reduces costs for setting up, running, and combining networks, applications and services, increasing the
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    *Rapid elasticity through scaling leased assets up and down if necessary, and

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    • [Article] O. Skarlat et al. "Resource Provisioning for IoT Services in the ...
      ...he benefits of our contributions. Our results show a decrease in delays of up to 39% compared to a baseline approach, yielding shorter round-trip times a
    • [Article] X. Wen and X. Zhou, "Servitization of manufacturing industries ba...
      ...nd the full definition of SMI; (2) proposes a description of CMBM matching up with the execution of SMI; (3) provides some constructive advices, namely t
    • [Article] X. Xu, "From cloud computing to cloud manufacturing," ''Journal o...
      ...anufacturing such as IT, pay-as-you-go business models, production scaling up and down per demand, and flexibility in deploying and customizing solutions
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    ...apt to changing resource demands, i.e., it is capable to dynamically scale up and down.

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    • [Article] Y. F. R. Chen, "The Growing Pains of Cloud Storage," in IEEE Inte...
      ...and software-defined storage (SDS) could address these challenges and open up new opportunities for innovation, as well as ease the transition from tradi
    • [Article] D. Dobre et al., "Hybris: Robust Hybrid Cloud Storage," ''ACM Sym...
      ...+ 1 clouds, whereas reads involve a single cloud. In the worst case, only up to f additional clouds are used. This is considerably better than earlier m
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    ...<p style="text-align: justify">The scientific community has already picked up some of these challenges and proposed basic scaling mechanism based on thre

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    • [Software] VISP - An Ecosystem for Elastic Data Stream Processing for the In...
      ...the building blocks and the design of the application, over the deployment up to the usage monitoring and provisioning of computational resources to ensu
    • [Project] CityPulse (2013–2016): Real-Time IoT Stream Processing and Larg...
      ...of integrating heterogeneous data sources and the challenge of extracting up-to-date information in real-time from large-scale dynamic data. Today the c
  5. Topic: Big Data

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    ...and linking data, information and content, all have to be advanced to open up new opportunities and to sustain or develop competitive advantages. Interop

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    • [Software] Apache (TM) Hadoop
      ...ters of computers using simple programming models. It is designed to scale up from single servers to thousands of machines, each offering local computati
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    ...These sensing systems installed at shop floor level provide feedback data up to the levels of production automation (PLC), controlling (MES) and plannin
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    ...nctionalities advance organizations in their capabilities to draw on using up-to-date process knowledge and various best-practices by giving a user the o

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