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    • [Article] C. Hochreiner et al., "VISP: An Ecosystem for Elastic Data Stream...
      ...f Things, presents the VISP ecosystem, and discusses its applicability for use case specific data stream processing topologies.
    • [Article] T. Akidau et al., "MillWheel: Fault-tolerant Stream Processing at... its implementation. The case study of a continuous anomaly detector in use at Google serves to motivate how many of MillWheel's features are used. Mil
    • [Article] Z. Shen et al., "CSA: Streaming Engine for Internet of Things," i...
      ..., latency and bandwidth. Stream query processing is natural technology for use in IOT applications, and embedding such processing in the network enables p
    • [Software] Amazon IoT
      AWS IoT makes it easy to use AWS services like AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, Amazon Machine Lea
    • [Software] Apache Apex
      ...y operable way. It provides a simple API that enables users to write or re-use generic Java code, thereby lowering the expertise needed to write big data
    • [Project] PrEstoCloud Project (2016–2019): Proactive Cloud Resources Mana... research in a unique way that entails proactiveness of cloud resources use and extension of the fog computing paradigm to the extreme edge of the netw
    • [Project] LeanBigData (2014–2017): Ultra-Scalable and Ultra-Efficient Int...
      ...uced by existing extract-transfer-load approaches. To achieve this we will use fine-grain intra-query and intra-operator parallelism that will lead to sub
    • [Project] SMART VORTEX (2010–2014): Scalable Semantic Product Data Stream...
      ...s for improvements of existing products, or the maintenance of products in use. These projects are basically large distributed collaborative processes, wh
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    • [Article] P. Hoenisch et al., "Self-Adaptive Resource Allocation for Elasti...
      ...platform providers. However, current BPMS do not feature the means to make use of Cloud resources in order to execute workflows. This work presents an app
    • [Article] P. Hoenisch et al., "Workflow Scheduling and Resource Allocation ...
      ...resources, leading to high fixed costs. Instead, process owners could make use of Cloud-based computational resources, dynamically leasing and releasing r
    • [Project] ASAP (2014–2017): A Scalable Analytics Platform. FP7
      ...sticity through scaling these assets up and down if necessary, and pay-per-use through metered service. To realize these goals, contributions both during
    • [Project] CloudFlow (2013–2016): Cloud Computing for Engineering Workflow...
      ...insights and to create innovation by accessing 'new' tools and easing the use of Cloud Infrastructures. All in all, CloudFlow wants to contribute to a wi
    • [Project] CELAR (2012–2015): Managing and Monitoring Elastic Cloud Applic...
      ...e aforementioned technology will be developed: The first will showcase the use of CELAR technology for massive data management and large-scale collaborati
    • [Project] CloudScale (2012–2015): Scalability Management for Cloud Comput...
      ...ices. The planned validation of project results involves two complementary use cases in the SaaS and the PaaS domain. CloudScale will leverage European ap
    • [Project] SAIL (2010–2013): Scalable and Adaptive Internet Solutions. FP7
      ...cing interoperable prototypes to demonstrate utility for a set of concrete use-cases. SAIL reduces costs for setting up, running, and combining networks,
    • [Project] JUNIPER (2007–2013): Java Platform for High-Performance and Rea... generation and capture of real-time system properties. The project will use financial and web streaming case studies from industrial partners to provid
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    ...turing#xa973029‡</sup> Cloud Manufacturing assumes that manufacturers use crowdsourcing and outsourcing models for manufacturing operations and suppo

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    • [Article] Radu F. Babiceanu and Remzi Seker, ''Big Data and virtualization ...
      ...rtualization and cloud-based services for manufacturing systems and of the use of Big Data analytics for planning and control of manufacturing operations.
    • [Article] Radu F. Babiceanu and Remzi Seker, "Big Data and virtualization f...
      ...rtualization and cloud-based services for manufacturing systems and of the use of Big Data analytics for planning and control of manufacturing operations.
    • [Article] R. F. Babiceanu, and R. Seker, "Big Data and virtualization for m...
      ...rtualization and cloud-based services for manufacturing systems and of the use of Big Data analytics for planning and control of manufacturing operations.
    • [Article] F. Tao et al., "CCIoT-CMfg: Cloud Computing and Internet of Thing...
      ...ctively. In order to realize the full sharing, free circulation, on-demand use, and optimal allocation of various manufacturing
    • [Article] Y. Lu et al., "Development of a Hybrid Manufacturing Cloud," ''Jo...
      ...which has complex access requirements for their resources. In addition, a use case is carried out between customers and service providers. This way, opti
    • [Article] X. Xu, "From cloud computing to cloud manufacturing," ''Journal o...
      ...psulated into cloud services and managed in a centralized way. Clients can use cloud services according to their requirements. Cloud users can request ser
  4. Topic: Big Data

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    ...lopment and wide-scale adoption of Big Data Value technologies, successful use cases and data-driven business models. At the same time it requires dealing

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    • [Article] G. Jifaa, Z. Linglingb, "Data, DIKW, Big Data and Data Science", ...
      ...ion in some extent for his volume, velocity, and variety. But in practical use the value plays more important role. Finally to judge the value for data no
    • [Project] Big Data Europe (2015-2017) innovative technologies, strategies and competencies for the beneficial use of Big Data to address societal needs.
  5. Match in topic text: to a format that can be used within CREMA. Where applicable, these will use existing approaches to standardise access to various heterogeneous sen

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    • [Article] P. Fraga Lamas, "Enabling technologies and cyber-physical systems...
      ...llows shipyards to obtain more information on the pipes and to make better use of it. Moreover, it is indicated how to build a positioning system from scr
  6. Match in topic text:

    ...eployed in larger companies such as the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) that Ubisense use in their Smart Factory Systems that uses sensors which are precision UWB me

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    • [Article] G. Gonçalves, et al., "A step forward on Intelligent Factories: ...
      ...Therefore, not only how the NETDEV concept is implemented, but also how to use sensors is explored in the present paper, by means of UPnP Technology, for
  7. Match in topic text:

    ...ified in the CREMA Task on “CREMA Data Model”. The approach will be to use annotations, ontologies and semantic mapping techniques to rapidly construc

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    • [Project] HarmoSearch Project (2010-2013): Harmonised Semantic Meta-Search ...
      ...the right to use knowledge for their research work and other partners may use the outcomes for their networks (HarmoNET and
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    .... This enables transactions across shop floors and external enterprises to use different services to support manufacturing processes where they are really

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    • [Article] A. Lancastre, L. F. Lages, "The relationship between buyer and a ...
      ...take their major relationship management decisions. To do so, the authors use a sample of nearly 400 SMEs' purchasing managers, to better understand coop
  9. Match in topic text:

    ...eduction of maintenance and production costs. Such systems are commonly in use in many enterprises of manufacturing and processing industries such as the

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    • [Article] S. McArthur, "Agent-based technology for data management, diagnos... by continually monitoring for any signs of faults. To be of most use, a condition monitoring system should be flexible enough to accommodate var
  10. No match in the topic text, but in 1 reference:

    • [Article] K. Abu-Libdeh et al., "RACS: a case for cloud storage diversity,"...
      ...ur system and estimate the costs incurred and benefits reaped. Finally, we use trace-driven simulations to demonstrate how RACS can reduce the cost of swi
  11. No match in the topic text, but in 1 reference:

    • [Article] D.W.F. van Krevelen and R. Poelman, "A Survey of Augmented Realit...
      limitations regarding human factors in the use of AR systems
  12. No match in the topic text, but in 1 reference:

    • [Project] Aero Glass Project (2015-2018): Augmented reality aerial naavigat... Glass in our Pioneer Beta Program giving valuable feedback from regular use.
  13. No match in the topic text, but in 1 reference:

    • [Article] H. Nacera, D. Aissani, "Semantic web services: Standards, applica...
      ...ledge coming from disparate and heterogeneous environments, we propose the use of semantic Web services to provide a common Knowledge format and meaning.
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    ...t to those for non-semanitc web service composition, can in principle make use of formal ontology-based service annotations.
    The majority of curr
  15. Match in topic text:

    ..., and fast DCOP solving for process models and instances in the CREMA use case domains.  </p>
  16. Match in topic text: principle, be part of any kind of semantic service search through their use, for example, in the query interface of a central directory, or multiple fe

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