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    ...p;help. Due to the fact that the data is distributed among several storage providers one provider can only see a small part of the whole data. Furthermore,

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    • [Article] P. Waibel, C. Hochreiner and S. Schulte, "Cost-Efficient Data Red...
      ...ndor lock-in or unavailability. Furthermore, the large number of available providers and their different pricing models can turn the search for the best fitting
    • [Article] T. Papaioannou et al., "Scalia: an adaptive scheme for efficient ...
      ...y resulting in a growing demand for storage solutions. While cloud storage providers offer a virtually infinite storage capacity, data owners seek geographical
    • [Article] D. Bermbach et al., "MetaStorage: A Federated Cloud Storage Syste...
      ...orum (N,R,W) configurations to an (N_P,R,W) scheme that includes different providers as an additional dimension. With MetaStorage, new means to control consiste
    • [Article] K. Abu-Libdeh et al., "RACS: a case for cloud storage diversity,"...
      ...roduce RACS, a proxy that transparently spreads the storage load over many providers. We evaluate a prototype of our system and estimate the costs incurred and
    • [Project] TClouds (2010 - 2013): Trustworthy Clouds – Privacy and Resilie... less trusted (off-shored) ones or federates a set of partially trusted providers into a trustworthy and adaptive federation.) Validation and impact through
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    • [Article] P. Hoenisch et al., "Self-Adaptive Resource Allocation for Elasti...
      ...llocate workflow steps to resources obtained on demand from Cloud platform providers. However, current BPMS do not feature the means to make use of Cloud resour
    • [Article] S. Schulte et al., "Introducing the Vienna Platform for Elastic P...
      ...d the deployment of such tasks onto resources sourced on-demand from Cloud providers. This has enabled so-called elastic processes that are able to dynamically
    • [Software] The Vienna Platform for Elastic Processes
      ...d the deployment of such tasks onto resources sourced on-demand from Cloud providers. This has enabled so-called elastic processes that are able to dynamically
    • [Project] CloudFlow (2013–2016): Cloud Computing for Engineering Workflow...
      ...ment for Cloud Computing CloudScale” has the objective of aiding service providers in analysing, predicting and resolving scalability issues, i.e., support sc
    • [Project] CloudScale (2012–2015): Scalability Management for Cloud Comput...
      ...will support Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers (a) to design their software for scalability and (b) to swiftly identify an
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    ...a-Service or Platform-as-a-Service solutions are already provided by Cloud providers. By mapping well-known concepts from the field of Cloud computing to real-w

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    • [Article] Y. Lu et al., "Development of a Hybrid Manufacturing Cloud," ''Jo...
      ...rces. In addition, a use case is carried out between customers and service providers. This way, optimal service is delivered through the proposed system.
    • [Article] X. Xu, "From cloud computing to cloud manufacturing," ''Journal o... the end-users, enterprises that use the cloud as a platform, and cloud providers themselves. Cloud computing is emerging as one of the major enablers for th
    • [Project] EuroCPS (2015-2018): Pan-European Project to Help Innovative Comp...
      ...of the competence partners (coaching, development plan definition, service providers). Support, management and monitoring are provided by the cascade funding pa
  4. Match in topic text: in an optimal way. Prominent examples for current B2B marketplace providers are,, 

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    • [Project] SIMPLICITY Project (2011-2014) Service and App Marketplaces, FP7 ...
      corresponding apps. This will enable third party providers to produce a wide range
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    USD 800 billion in revenue to service providers and value to consumer and business end users
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    ...ssing#xs132125‡</sup>. Besides Google, also other major cloud service providers also provide their stream processing solutions, like Amazon IoT [
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    '''Directory-based search.''' Service providers are supposed to register their services with either one central and possibl

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