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    ...Processing#xa879037‡</sup>. Some of the proprietary stream processing solutions, like Amazon IoT or Google Cloud Dataflow cf. Stream_Proc

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    • [Article] C. Hochreiner et al., "VISP: An Ecosystem for Elastic Data Stream... today's service landscapes. This paper analyzes challenges for creating solutions for the Internet of Things, presents the VISP ecosystem, and discusses its
    • [Article] C. Hochreiner et al., “Elastic Stream Processing for Distribute...
      ...ted environments. This novel concept allows for scalable and more flexible solutions compared to traditional approaches.
    • [Article] A. Jain et al., "Adaptive Stream Resource Management Using Kalman...
      ...rce constraints. To date, many solutions have been proposed; however, most solutions are ad hoc with hard-coded heuristics to generate query plans. In contrast,
    • [Article] M. Cherniack et al., "Scalable Distributed Stream Processing," ''...
      ...ems, Aurora* and Medusa, which are being designed to explore complementary solutions to these challenges.
    • [Article] U.J. Kapasi et al., "Programmable Stream Processors," in ''Comput...
      solutions and current programmable architectures that cannot
    • [Project] NewsReader (2013–2015): Building structured event indexes of la...
      ...elopments on the basis of the past are faced with the problem that current solutions for consulting these archives and streams no longer work, simply because th
    • [Project] CityPulse (2013–2016): Real-Time IoT Stream Processing and Larg...
      ...mic data. Today the challenges are often addressed by application specific solutions, resulting in silo architectures.Bridging technology and domain boundaries,
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    ...rvices in a similar vein as Software-as-a-Service or Platform-as-a-Service solutions are already provided by Cloud providers. By mapping well-known concepts fro

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    • [Article] Radu F. Babiceanu and Remzi Seker, ''Big Data and virtualization ...
      ...ecision support. Based on the current state-of-the-art cloud manufacturing solutions and Big Data applications, this work also proposes a framework for the deve
    • [Article] Radu F. Babiceanu and Remzi Seker, "Big Data and virtualization f...
      ...ecision support. Based on the current state-of-the-art cloud manufacturing solutions and Big Data applications, this work also proposes a framework for the deve
    • [Article] R. F. Babiceanu, and R. Seker, "Big Data and virtualization for m...
      ...ecision support. Based on the current state-of-the-art cloud manufacturing solutions and Big Data applications, this work also proposes a framework for the deve
    • [Article] Y. Lu et al., "Development of a Hybrid Manufacturing Cloud," ''Jo...
      ...there is limited support on migrating to different cloud modes in existing solutions. This paper proposes a Hybrid Manufacturing Cloud that allows companies to
    • [Article] X. Xu, "From cloud computing to cloud manufacturing," ''Journal o...
      ...aling up and down per demand, and flexibility in deploying and customizing solutions. In cloud manufacturing, distributed resources are encapsulated into cloud
    • [Project] CloudSME (2013–): Simulation for manufacturing and engineering.... one of the services that could be provided: cloud-based SaaS simulation solutions for the end-users.
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    ...f elastic processes is an NP-hard problem, one particular issue is to find solutions to the optimisation problem in polynomial time. Process landscapes can beco

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    • [Article] P. Hoenisch et al., "Optimization of Complex Elastic Processes," ...
      ...lity of Service level during Cloud-based process enactment. Therefore, new solutions for process scheduling and resource allocation are required to tackle these
    • [Article] S. Schulte et al., "Elastic Business Process Management: State of...
      ...spite the manifold benefits of elastic processes, there is still a lack of solutions supporting them.
    • [Article] Z. Cai et al., "Critical Path-Based Iterative Heuristic for Workf...
      ...ical Path-based Iterative (CPI) heuristic is developed to find approximate solutions to large-size problem instances where the multiple complete critical paths
    • [Article] T. Grubic et al., "Integrating process and ontology to support su...
      ...ramework to support supply chain modelling and analysis and proposed their solutions accordingly. Majority of the approaches proposed are more concerned with bu
    • [Project] CloudFlow (2013–2016): Cloud Computing for Engineering Workflow...
      ...taken into consideration in the project “Scalable and Adaptive Internet Solutions SAIL”.
    • [Project] SAIL (2010–2013): Scalable and Adaptive Internet Solutions. FP7
      SAIL (2010–2013): Scalable and Adaptive Internet Solutions. FP7
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    ...EMA, since they feature several advantages compared to traditional storage solutions, like local storages or privately maintained storage systems. These advanta

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    • [Article] Y. F. R. Chen, "The Growing Pains of Cloud Storage," in IEEE Inte...
      ...ease the transition from traditional IT storage solutions to cloud storage solutions.
    • [Article] T. Papaioannou et al., "Scalia: an adaptive scheme for efficient ...
      ...t in various scenarios of data access patterns, of available cloud storage solutions and of failures.
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    ...ces and technologies for delivering Big Data Value within applications and solutions. There will be the need for data scientists and engineers who have expertis

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    • [Project] Big Data Europe (2015-2017)
      ...nterlinked they have the potential to create new knowledge and intelligent solutions for economy and society. Big Data can make important contributions to the t
  6. Match in topic text: In CREMA, there will be a marketplace which concentrates on B2B solutions. This enables transactions across shop floors and external enterprises to u

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    • [Article] D. Fensel, Y. Ding, B. Omelayenko, B. ''et al.,'' "Product Data I...
      ...ult. As a benefit to both academics and industrialists who want to provide solutions for this key process in B2B electronic commerce, this article focuses on th
  7. No match in the topic text, but in 1 reference:

    • [Article] H. Nacera, D. Aissani, "Semantic web services: Standards, applica...
      .... Aissani, "Semantic web services: Standards, applications, challenges and solutions",Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 44: 134-151, 2014

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